Curatorial Talks is a series of public seminars held annually with the focus on curatorial and exhibition practices. Starting for the first time in 2013, these talks engage a varied group of practitioners in the field of art who are invited to present on their practices. For each year a theme is chosen and the theme for this year is; the Educational Turn in Curating, looking at the increasing development of educational programmes in curatorial and exhibition practices. By addressing this talk within the theme of education, it asserts that curating increasingly operates as an expanded educational praxis. In South Africa, this is evident in the increase of curatorial workshops and the emergence of curatorial courses across a range of disciplines. Curatorial Talks thus contributes a critical reflection in this on going curatorial discourse through its public forums. It also aims to evaluate the need and impact of this practice, by discussing and recording its industry growth and its changes.

Speakers: Lerato Bereng | Clare Butcher | Joseph Gaylard | Raimi Gbadamosi | Rangoato Hlasane | Clive Kellner | Portia Malatjie | Bettina Malcomess | Riason Naidoo | Siona O’Connell | Renaud Proch | Claudia Marion Stemberger

Download the full programme here

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